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See what other people are saying about our Heritage at Deer Valley apartments! At Heritage at Deer Valley Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself. These Heritage at Deer Valley reviews will show you why our apartments in Phoenix, AZ are a cut above the rest.


Disclaimer: as with all reviews, this is just one person's opinion. I highly recommend touring any apartment and viewing the exact unit you will be renting before you agree to or sign anything. That being said, I have mixed feelings about this place. When I toured a year and a half ago, I was not shown the actual unit I'd be renting. That was a mistake on my part, because I was verbally assured by leasing agent Canada that I'd have wood laminate floors even though the rest of the apartment wouldn't be upgraded (didn't follow my own advice: always get it in writing!). Turns out, nothing in this unit is upgraded. Fine, ok, whatever, it's just a rental, not my forever home. But the model units won me over, and here I am. And now, a list of pros and cons to aid your decision- making process: Pros: Beautiful landscaping. Lots of grass, trees, colorful flowers, and community attractions (volleyball courts, pools, putting green, bbq's). Cons: Grass is often flooded due to overwatering, and often rife with dog waste (I seem to be among the minority of people who actually clean up after their dogs). Pro: There's a dog park! Con: The dog park is mostly full of fine, loose dirt, so I've literally never used it. Pro: There seems to be a strong sense of community among many neighbors. Con: It can be challenging to gain inclusion into that community. Pro: This place is so big, you can get lost in the crowd so you don't have to socialize with your neighbors, ever. Con: This place is so big, you (and your packages) can get lost in the crowd so you don't GET to socialize with your neighbors, ever. Pro: Free bait and spray pest treatment services. Con: You'll need the bait and spray pest treatment services. Pro: 3 swimming pools! Con: NONE of the swimming pools are particularly child-friendly, and are often either dirty or too recently shocked to swim in. Pro: Management has made a big effort in the past several months to host more and better community events (like a free waffle breakfast recently, or pumpkin decorating crafts at Halloween) and raffles (like this one: leave a review, get entered into a raffle to win new floors in your unit! - see above to note how dear to my heart this one is, Haha!). Con: Yes, management and staff can be a bit short at times. It's a huge complex with a tiny staff. We all have bad days. I've learned to accept that they're not out to ruin my day, and to focus on the times when they go above and beyond (like the time Kaylin came all the way up to the 3rd floor to hand deliver my rent check that needed a correction - thanks, Kaylin!). Overall, this place meets my needs for now. I've no intention of staying here forever, and there are certainly things about it that are less than ideal (yes, the maintenance team is severely understaffed, and you do have to wait a while to get things fixed - but most of the team, especially Ryan, are super friendly and personable, and genuinely want to help!). There will be less than ideal things about any living situation. Choose where to put your focus.





Thank you so much for addressing AC issue so quick. All my service requests resolved with in time and Good community to stay

Thank you so much for addressing AC issue so quick. All my service requests resolved with in time and Good community to stay



Had a very good customer experience recently. The AC in our apartment stopped cooling on Monday evening around 7pm. Called the emergency line to report the problem. Maintenance person on the premises after office closure came and tried to fix it but could not. He provided a temporary AC unit which we placed in our room and spent the night without any problems. He told me that they will try to fix the problem tomorrow. Called the office the next day for a status update and was told there were lot of units with problems and they are getting to it one by one. Appreciated the Prompt Update. Maintenance Personnel came in around 10AM to fix the problem. Looks like it was a huge problem and it took them almost the whole day to fix. Trying various things to fix the problem working outside in the scorching Phoenix sun. I don't think they even took a lunch break. Even with so many other units having problem they did not leave this but kept at it till 5 pm to finally fix the problem and have the AC working. Thanks to the team for going over and beyond to get this fixed.


* Susan * - Thank you so much for taking care of the lease renewal & exit process. It was a bit complicated with so many factors to validate. You handled it very well as promised. Great Job !


Good News Update. Things are really starting to go in the right direction here. For awhile, I was not pleased about several issues. However, Ivette has been so extremely helpful. Ivette is awesome. And Adrian the maintenance guy is always here to help. My microwave went out last night...I called and since this is not an emergency I figured someone would come in a week. To my surprise Adrian showed up today and got everything taken care of. Thanks Ivette and Adrian.

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